Wedding Ceremony Sound


To us, there is nothing worse than looking at wedding ceremony photos and seeing that BIG BLACK MICROPHONE.

2untitledWe take extra steps to help “set up” photographic moments by stepping out of the shot as a courtesy to our couple and to help the photographer capture that romantic ring exchange or even the KISS only to have the microphone in the way. To help avoid this scenario…….

senn-camera-mic-kitIn the event your D-Jay does not offer a lapel microphone for the Officiant, we bring along our own Lavaliere (Lapel Microphones) Both Wireless and wired. Both mics will work with most D-Jay systems. FREE OF CHARGE!351224684824_1

The best news is, most D-Jays don’t have a problem working with us on this request and most appreciate the fact that we offer this for our couples.

NOTE: Please don’t let your D-Jay somehow convince you that the audio quality is not as good as a regular hand held microphone, it is! Trust us, when you look at your Wedding Day photos or better yet, the ceremony picture you had enlarged and framed hanging in the hallway, you’ll appreciate that there is no microphone in your faces.

By the way, a few D-Jays have even purchased these microphones after hearing them at the ceremony!

We do have a professional ceremony sound package for $150 often less than hat your D-Jay charges. Call for details.